Walking the Rock Country in Kakadu – Karrire kundenge karribolknan kunwarddehwardde


by Diane Lucas, Ben Tyler and Emma Long
Format: Hard Cover

A breathtaking encounter with the magnificent rock country of Australia’s iconic Kakadu National Park, from the highly acclaimed creators of Walking in Gagudju Country: Exploring the Monsoon Forest.

It’s yekke, early dry season. Kundenge karrire kunwarddehwardde. Let’s walk the rock country. Wardi karribolknan, let’s see what we can see in Gagudju, Kakadu.

Ben Tyler and Diane Lucas share stories, knowledge and their love of the land on a walk through one of Australia’s most ancient and beautiful ecosystems, introducing Kundjeyhmi language, one of the Bininj Kunwok languages of Kakadu and western Arnhem Land, along the way.Look into these lush green bushes.
We might find something . . . There is alyurr!
Kakkak Kapindi, my mother’s mother, told us alyurr are the Lightning people’s children. When the rains begin, they come out of the soil. As they grow, they shed their skins and their bright colours are revealed. Soon they will find a mate.Emma Long’s detailed and beautifully rendered images bring to vivid life the rich and varied plant and animal life of this unique place, encouraging young and old to see, hear, smell and feel the land and experience how Aboriginal people have lived and walked Country for thousands of years.

From the creators of Walking in Gagudju Country: Exploring the Monsoon Forest, CBCA shortlisted for the 2022 Eve Pownall Award and the New Illustrator Award:

‘This information-laden book, complete with glossary, brims with life, beauty and magic. It is a delightful read for primary school children.’ Books+Publishing

‘Allows young readers to learn as they enjoy, this is a story that encourages respect for and harmony with nature.’ Readings Booksellers

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